The Importance of Flowers in the Philippines

PomandersThe Philippines is a glorious, mysterious and beautiful place. The culture is rich with the tradition and the people are respectful and kind. It should come as no surprise that many people have found themselves mystified by the country and its people.

Many Americans have come to fall in love with the area, and on occasion they fall in love with one of the island’s beautiful Filipinas. Well, in order to properly court a Filipina one must first understand the traditions that surround dating in the area. One of those traditions is flowers as a gift, but they serve a more serious purpose in the Filipino culture than in other countries around the globe.

Flowers, in the world of Filipino romance, denote a level of respect and seriousness. In the United States one would send flowers to a mother or loved one on a birthday. They would provide flowers to their wife or significant other for Valentine’s Day. In the Filipino culture flowers are seen as a sign of respect and seriousness by the intended party and are encouraged regularly.

The tradition may come from the natural vibe that hangs heavy over the Philippines. With a nation so beautiful it should come as no surprise that the residents are deep admirers of flowers and other natural elements. This make flowers a wonderful and personal gift for an intended love. Many who have set foot in the nation know of its raw, natural beauty. We, as a culture, enjoy bringing that nature in as a gift to our intended love interest.

The tradition may also stem from the fact that “dating” and “courting” are both practiced in the Filipino culture. In the Filipino culture women are taught to be shy and demure. They may even feign disinterest in a suitor because they are taught from a young age to show modesty and restraint. Because of this the male suitor is expected to “chase” or “woo” his intended love. Once the woman has been wooed the pair can move onto group dates, private dates and eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend. Once a couple the couple would traditionally move onto engagement and marriage.

The first step is often difficult for American men to navigate. It isn’t a traditional course of action, but wooing a woman with flowers is an easy way progress the relationship; in fact it is an expected act of interest. Without it the woman and man would likely never progress pass initial hellos due to the reserved nature of the Filipina and their expectations regarding courtship.

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